Printed Sold was originally a footwear brand called Printed Soles

specialising in customised footwear for special occasions.  The brand was taken round the world and was featured in many different event such as Tokyo International Art Fair, African Fashion Week and Afro Punk in New York. 

But the brand had so much more to offer than just shoes. In all of these events Printed Soles was offering different items such as jackets, t-shirts, jeans and skateboards and accessories.

The name Printed Soles did not do the brand much justice as it was not just a footwear brand anymore, the brand offers so much more.

Thus Printed Sold was born, our main focus is sustainable fashion and we love being a small brand because we can ensure that each item has been hand crafted by our own fair hands. With no exploitation of human workers or resources.

We all enjoy fashion,but we have to be more mindful of the way we consume, create and distribute whilst looking amazing whilst doing it.

So if your into unique fashion styles, accessorise and fun items then you have come to the right place..

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